We can provide stunning 4k video & high quality images to promote your business, sell a property, survey land, inspect storm damage, sports events, news items & much more!

Skyline Pictures are an enthusiastic, passionate, qualified group who love to take to the skies to capture that great image or video for our clients. But before we can even take off, we take every measure available to mitigate any risk issues that may arise before, during & after each flying session. This includes pre & on-site surveys, risk assessments, communication with local airports & a great deal of 'on the ground' preparation.

Skyline Pictures are fully insured carrying up to £10m of public liability, to fly safely & legally, deploying the latest unmanned drones.

100% Safe & Cost Effective

Using Skyline Pictures Drone photography Derby for your inspections & surveys mean you can cut costs drastically over traditional method of inspection such as erecting scaffolding, which can be both costly and time consuming.

We can inspect and identify in real-time, any visible problems or issues on the spot, quickly and easily. You will be able to see for yourself (from the safety of the ground) while on site, what we see with the drone on a high resolution screen ensuring we capture exactly what you need.


Most aerial flights only require a climb to 200ft or so to capture the perfect shot or video :-)


ICARUS is one of the most thorough training courses available for operators seeking to become a commercial drone pilot. ICARUS training courses have been developed by former military pilots and is delivered by experienced drone operators.

We are proud to display the ICARUS badge - the sign of a quality trained, approved drone operator.


Aerial Video & Photography
Aerial Video & Photography
Aerial Video & Photography
Aerial Video & Photography


The mainstay of our work is taking aerial pictures and video for clients. These may be used for marketing, promotional, surveys, damage/storm assessment, sales generation and much more. Why not contact us for a coffee
and a demo of what we can
do for you.


Technology moves so fast. Aerial image capture is no exception. It was not that long ago that HD was cutting edge and now we can capture up to 4K video whilst flying a small aircraft. Of course, video in HD or SD is still available if that's what you require. We provide the format best suited to you.


Skyline Pictures can provide both the raw files for your own in-house team to work on or we can offer post production services on an hourly rate if you prefer. Using cutting edge software we are able to take our flight footage & create the perfect promo clip for your needs.


Does your property have
storm damage or wear and tear but you can't easily access it to take a look?
That's where an Aerial Survey
is the answer. Its quick, affordable and shows problems areas faster than it can
take to get a ladder
on the roof!

Did you know, failure to fly responsibly could lead to criminal prosecution!