The Legal & Safety Bit!


As each flight is unique with many, often unknown factors. Some clients may just want a few local based, aerial pictures, maybe a property inspection or a simple promo video for their website, right through to a full film creation (ground and aerial images & video), complete with music licensing and titles.

We have a range of SUSA (drones) options, which can depending on your individual project requirements. It only makes sense therefore, to quote on a project by project basis after having discussed your project with you. Bear in mind a number of factors that may affect the quotation price such as:

  • Time of year
  • location of the shoot
  • potential weather & associated risks
  • Any requirement for additional CAA approvals (are & above our existing permissions) and site visits.

Sometimes accommodation is required which is invoiced to you but we always agree on costs and details with you beforehand.

We do not operate our drones when fatigued as a result of travel - it is vital to be on site fresh and alert not weary after a long drive!

PAYMENT TERMS: 50% of the fee to be PAID IN ADVANCE to secure the booking (unless by special arrangement or if time doesn’t permit).

We will be happy to discuss any of the above with you in greater depth over a no obligation chat via phone or in person. You will find us fair & reasonable!

Once we have received a full brief and able to discuss the requirements and expectations of the shoot and media deliverables, we are happy to provide our quote in writing.


The unpredictable weather and nature of filming with drones mean we need to be flexible with appointments. Weather dictates when we can fly - not the diary! Despite being in the hands of the weather gods, we require enough time to go through pre-flight checks and ensure that the job can be undertaken safely, and whilst working to the rules & regulations of the CAA and our operating licence.

We are happy to diarise your project and dates to suit you. We suggest you contact us with your project details so we can disc dates and alternative dates with you. We appreciate that some projects are date/time sensitive and will always try to accommodate your timeline.

Due to the unpredictable nature of filming industry & weather, we require a commitment you book our services and time. We will always require 50% of the booking to be PAID IN ADVANCE.


Remote unmanned aerial filming is naturally affected by the prevailing flying conditions in pretty much the same way manned flight is. If due to weather (i.e rain, strong winds etc) and we are not able to fly and therefore shoot, we shall not invoice the final amount but rather make alternative arrangements for the shoot to be rearranged at another time (if not already done so at the initial booking). The 50% booking fee is carried over to another day when we can shoot.

If the project cannot be re-scheduled for any legitimate reason, we will discuss cancellation and a potential refund of fees to a fair & reasonable level.


CAA Approved drone pilots follow very strict rules when it comes to flying. Here are a few key rules:

  • We cannot fly our Drones above 400ft
  • Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) must always be maintained
  • Cannot fly further than 500m from the Pilot
  • Cannot fly within 50m of buildings & People
  • Cannot fly within 150m of crowds & built up areas
  • Are legally responsible for our flights

To find out more, please visit the CAA Website or the Drone Code Website or just get in touch with us if you are not sure, we'll be happy to advise.

Unless a client agrees to purchase the copyright outright of any pictures or footage, Skyline Pictures retain the copyright of all captured content. The client is granted full unlimited use of the material we capture or create to use for promotional or marketing material as they see fit.

However, you will not be allowed to sell the footage or pictures or allow 3rd party companies to use it without the express written agreement of Skyline Picture.

Skyline Pictures reserve the right to use ANY of our footage & pictures for our own promotional use (unless the content is highly confidential) or PR purposes to promote Skyline Pictures. We also reserve the right to supply our work to stock image libraries.


All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence. We will never sell or pass on your details to any 3rd party or misuse your details.


Flying SUA's is strictly regulated by the CAA and local authorities. Although an operator with CAA permissions and appropriate insurance has more scope and can apply for special permissions on a project by project basis (say to fly closer to a structure) the rules governing operators are as follows:

  • Always fly with Visual Line of Sight (VLOS)
  • Stay BELOW a height of 400ft (120m) in order to reduce the risk of encountering manned aircraft and no further away from you than 500m
  • Fly within 50m of property - 30m for taking off and landing
  • Cannot take off or land without the landowner's permission
  • Fly within 50m of people or vehicles not under the pilot’s control
  • Stay WELL away from Airports, Airfields & aircraft unless prior permission is obtained
  • A pilot is legally responsible for their flights - failure to comply can lead to prosecution!

The Drone Code is there to protect everyone so please respect our operator's license. If in doubt get in touch, provide a few details and we will run a pre-site survey of your planned location, no obligation. Contact us here.