Farewell 2018... you've been great!

Dec 21, 2018 -- Posted by : crew

2018 has been a great year for Skyline Pictures.

Early in the New Year we had clients requiring surveys of roofs and buildings to check for storm &weather damage through the tough Winter. We had clients who were looking for promotional images and video to promote their services and brand. We have Farming work to film, locations abroad, work for Architects and photographed some stunning wedding venues and a few public houses. We really do it all!

We have invested in new drones and tech though 2018 bringing in some heavy drones into the fleet in the form of the DJI Inspire2 and a suite of specialist lenses, which use for a variety of applications.

Next year, we are planing to bring in another new drone with Thermal imaging capabilities. The uses for these drones are many and we'll cover them in detail when the time comes. But to able to carry out energy surveys on property and land as well as offer search and rescue capabilities will be a real edge to our drone work next year.

We have met some great people directly though client and a made new friends in the industry in 2018 and hope to continue that trend through 2019

Sadly the industry is leaving the year under a bit of cloud since at the time of writing, there is a real issue at Gatwick Airport London, where Drones have been spotted in restricted and highly dangerous airspace. I won't publish my thoughts on such idiotic people and behavour here but needless to say, Skyline Pictures are professional, licensed operators who would never operate our drones in this reckless way and fully condemn such acts . We hope the perpetrators are caught quickly and dealt with..... heavily.

So, lastly, we all at Skyline Pictures would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas for you and your family along with a peaceful, healthy 2019. And please remember, if you get a drone this Christmas...... fly it safely and follow the drone code!

Happy Christmas!!


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