What Are Tracking Labels / Titles

Jul 11, 2018 -- Posted by : crew

Tracking Titles or labels, are very simply 'digital labels' that can be added to any moving object or scene to help inform, direct or even entertain a viewer. Their uses are endless and if you get creative, can carry quite powerful messages. They can be any shape, size colour, use different fonts, include your company logo or an image. Skyline team work hard at producing engaging results and tracking titles on your video not only add that touch of professional quality but also set you apart from the pack.

What type of video can use them? The short answer is any! Be it a marketing or promotional video, property labelling/highlighting, feature awareness, directions, locations and so much more. We'll be making a another video showcasing the benefits of tracking labels soon.... keep an eye out for it.


Tracking Titles. Never heard of them? Then let us show you!

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