Kevin Clarke Drone Pilot



My background is that of a professional photographer where for many years, I ran a successful, award winning photography studio in Derbyshire until moving 'sideways' into the pro printing side of the photography business.

My love for capturing images never really left me though & that love affair with the camera has been rekindled as a result of taking to the skies with professional level drones and a camera strapped underneath!

Founded in 2016, Skyline Pictures is a provider of wide range of commercial aerial photography services. With stills up to 20MP and broadcast-quality video up to 4K. Our work is carried out using what are commonly known as Drones allowing us to work in areas larger aircraft such as helicopters cannot fly and consequently offer greater operational flexibility for low level work from 2ft up to 400ft.

We hold a valid Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission (PfCO) ID4558, to conduct aerial work and have public liability insurance for up to £5 million in place, both theres elements are legally required to operate Drones commercially within UK airspace. Our PfCO will soon permit us to fly at night for even greater flexibility and dramatic imagery. More on that when we have it!